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April 8, 2009
Lighthouse Cayo Loco

Lighthouse Cayo Loco

Cayo Loco?

Jimmy Buffet called this island Cayo Loco, in his book A Salty Piece of Land. The island’s real name is Bird Rock Cay, which is a limestone outcrop base for this 1876 British built lighthouse known as the Crooked Island Light. You can climb to the top, barely, on a rusty, crumbling staircase to see the 3 generations of lights. The kitchen, bathroom inside, outhouse, rain-catcher, storms drains, and several cisterns show the care that was built into the light. A highlight of the visit was rowing ashore, and having the entire island to yourself.

How Come my Building Looks Like its Bending Over Backwards?

Lenses have distortion. You can buy expensive lenses to fix that. Or, you can easily fix wide angle lens distortion by using Photoshop’s transform command (Select All > Edit > Transform > Perspective ). This lets you pull the edges of the image to make tall objects straight, instead of leaning backwards. I shot 3 images of the light, then blended them in Photomatix HDR software (

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